This website will be operational from 11 November 2021.

Feel free to have a look around but note that until the above date, nothing on this website consitutes an offer for sale.

Our view

It is our opinion that the Australian and New Zealand market is poorly served with retired LEGO® sets, bricks and MOC'S. Other demographic markets are well supplied but international shipping costs make it simply not cost economical to purchase these types of sets, bricks and MOC's from overseas.

Our goal

It is our intention to change this undersupply so that young children and those who are young had heart are able to purchase these type of products more easily. Obviously we are affected by COVID-19 which has delayed this initiative for some time, supply remains an issue so we decided to take it slow but steady.

What will we sell

Only new products, no used products will be for sale. Obviously, like in a normal brick and morter store, products are handled manually so small scratches or shelf wear can occur. But our products are kept dry and clean from dust and smells.

 Where do we get our products from

Sets are ONLY purchased directly from LEGO® as other distributors tend to place stickers on the boxes. Bricks are obtained from new LEGO® sets by manual sorting. We source these sets from LEGO®, Australian or New Zealand distributors or from other continents. In that order. Rare pieces we tend to buy from carefully selected sources, very rare pieces mostly at enormous expense. We intend to sell MOC boxes with genuine LEGO® parts and own created instruction manuals from the best designers in the world.

Okay, this is just private hobby site by somebody who loves playing with LEGO®

Yes, you caught our staff out on that one, we like LEGO® since we got our first set privately. In case of our director that was 1967 when he received a LEGO® train on 1st birthday from his uncle and aunt. But you are wrong that this is just a private hobby site, an Australian investment company with almost 20 year experience is behind this initiative. We are in it for the long run and we like to innovate so expect some new initiatives and ideas down the LEGO® track which you don't find anywhere else.

For the time being, stay healthy and safe, and look after your family, friends and collegues!

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